Aris, which was established under the name of Ali Raif ve Şeriki in 1928, was reorganized in order to trade in pharmaceuticals industry by Muzaffer Turhan as of 1963. Since 1983 company has had operations under the name of Ali Raif İlaç Sanayi A.Ş.

While ARİS, which has principles of being respectful to people, trust, success and innovation in its operations ARİS, was marketing pharmaceuticals as a licensee of multinational companies in the early years of its foundation, it started to import final pharmaceuticals in 1986. Since 1990 it has started to produce and market equivalent pharmaceuticals and become one of the leading companies of our country.

Aris, whose headquarters is located in Seyrantepe and production facilities are located in İkitelli, İstanbul, has totally 10 area offices in Turkey.

It has nearly 150 pharmaceuticals that contribute in enhancing the quality of life thanks to their forms in therapeutic fields such as cardiovascular, diabetics, gastrointestinal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-flu, antiviral, antihistaminic, central nervous system.

After ARİS commenced equivalent pharmaceuticals licensing, production and marketing, export opportunities started to arise in parallel to them

Philippines, Spain, Poland, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova and EU countries are among the countries that we have export activities.