Human Resources Management

ARİS is powerful thanks to its employees. The main targets of Human Resources Policies are to design and apply processes that enable the employees reflect their knowledge, skills and capabilities into their works in an effective and productive manner, compromise the happiness of our employees with targets of ARİS on a common points, extend “ we are a family” consciousness and ARİS values.

In the long run, success is based on recruitment of decent people and the consistency of the employees. Our target in recruitment process is to include decent employees, who add value into the success of ARİS, in our organization in parallel to the “Right Person for the Right Job” philosophy.

Our main principle in selecting and recruiting employees is to include employees who are higher level of education, innovative, proactive, team worker, have the potential to improve himself and his position and have sufficient competencies (knowledge, skills, and behaviors) for the job as well as adopt and apply ARİS values

After the negotiations carried out by Human Resources Manager and related department executive, personality inventory and competency tests are applied. Human Resources Department completes the reference checks of the candidate in the last stage and makes job proposal.

ARİS aims at participating in both personal and occupational developments, enhancing their performance and motivation at work, empowering their relationship with each other and maximizing the company productivity by giving training and development support to its employees.

In parallel to this, inter-company and outsourced training programs are conducted.

Our purpose in performance management is to maximize the performance of our employees, measure their individual performance objectively, create their personal development and career plans, enhance their motivation, and improve company performance via “collaboration of employees”.

Principally it is agreed that vacant positions are filled with the current employees of the company as much as possible. In parallel to this, employees are promoted by taking the criteria such as current performance, knowledge, skills, personality characteristics, education and experience level of the employee into consideration.